The group was already spotting for tamaraws. I looked for some place to sit, Kuya Paulino followed me. We sat on a wide rock facing the Tamaraw Plaza. “Ano po ang ‘Magandang araw’ sa salita ninyo?”, I asked. He looked up for a response, “Uhm. Masineyo balabag.”

Manong Ed, the longest serving park ranger talks with a Taw’buid brother

Occidental Mindoro, Philippines – 32 years as a ranger in the mountains of Iglit-Baco. No bonuses, no assurances just dedication and commitment to conserving one of the most important figures of the Philippines, the Tamaraw.

Tamaraw Conservation Program’s Manong Eddie, the longest serving ranger, together with TCP’s Ms. June Pineda and park rangers and wardens told us stories that made us understand clear of what they are protecting. Stories of conflicts between station rangers and poachers that lurk in the night. Those pinching stories of their experiences that will wake us up to what is really happening in the mountains of Mindoro. A silent conflict that needs to be heard, that has to be known. 

Read our story on Exploring Occidental Mindoro here and discover how we can help by visiting Tamaraw Conservation Program’s Facebook page or be there at Mts. Iglit-Baco with the community organization, Eco Explorations.

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