Our Story

2020 is the year of shaping purpose. This year, The Filipina Journal aim at establishing fresh feeds for its readers that are more inclusive, eco-conscious and socially impact-driven.


Our Story

In November 2018, The Filipina Journal (TFJ) was independently initiated by its editor as a personal space for stories of inspiration. TFJ’s contents were mainly focused on experiences and point-of-views from the editor but along the journey, she found the importance of these stories. Through the lenses of Where To Next, Eco Explorations, and Brainpickings – three of her inspirations in terms of contents and community models – TFJ sights to share how the Filipino life thrives towards sustainability, modernity and self-discovery. 

Information has the power to ripple movements for the environment, people and their culture. The Filipina Journal believes in the power of stories – that ones’ drive to share knowledge from the local perspective sparks more people to move toward the same goal. In 2020, we are targeting locals to tell their stories on conservation, education, culture and mindfulness – four pillars of the journal.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple: to share stories of empowerment; tap available voices from the locale; and be the medium for these Filipino stories. We create by involving, sharing and empowering.

About the Logo

TEDTalk in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 2018

One of the speakers, Dustin Carbonera, shared his original take on the graphic design industry in the Philippines.  The editor was inspired to look for one the fonts presented. Quiapo Font can be found at the portfolio of Aaron Amar, an artist based in Manila, Philippines. The generosity of Amar provided free typeface for the TFJ’s logo. The typeface was inspired by the urban Philippine signages which you can regularly find on jeepneys. 

His works are all here: https://www.behance.net/aaronamar

Editor’s Note

“Born and raised in the outskirts of Pampanga, I wrote journals as a child. My entries were mainly inspired by the plains of Magalang, the lone Mt. Arayat and folklores told by our grandparents. These are the things that I want to put as frontline in telling local stories that go hand in hand with advocating conservation, education, culture and mindfulness.  By educating at a local university while taking MS in Rural Development, I wish to spend my strength as an individual to help build sustainable communities and raise empowered young Filipinos. It wasn’t on the onset of my teaching career that I have realized this purpose in the education sector. But, the stories closest to my heart and the thoughts I think of 10 minutes before going to bed continuously inspire  me to fuel this journal – to write with a purpose to build, sustain and create ripples in the grassroots. As an independent journal, we value the importance of listening and sharing. With that, we are grateful for some of the people whose voices empower their respective advocacies/communities.” Elle O. Galang