#BeatCovid19: Initiatives List

We’re in this together. We can beat Covid19.

While we have the privilege to stay at home during the lock down, how do we support those who are dedicating their lives in the front line? What contribution can we make to address the needs of IP families and local communities in far flung regions?
We created this page to spread the word about amazing individuals, organizations and private groups that work together to initiate campaigns for our kababayans.
This list of initiatives is dedicated to the efforts focused on the following categories:

Initiatives for Frontliners

“Taya Pinas is a community of enthusiasts built on the strong belief of collaborative action towards a sustainable planet. The community organization is currently 5000 packs or 1 Million worth of PPEs for health workers in the Philippines. This, the biggest project of Taya Pinas yet, is in partnership with In partnership with UP Medical Foundation and Towns Foundation.”

“Project300 PH aims to support Filipino frontliners and families who are left vulnerable amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In these trying times, we aspire to bring hope through sharing the realities outside our home, pooling together cash and in-kind donations, and providing 300 PPEs to selfless heroes serving our people day-by-day.”

Hanami MNL is a clothing line which responded to the call to help out our front liners from making masks to personal protective equipment or PPEs. With their fundraising campaign “Call of Duty”, Hanami team is initially working on providing 200 non medical PPEs for our front liners costing 550.00 pesos each piece.

Feed To Build is a fundraiser initiated by different batches of St. Paul College Pasig whose goal is to feed 720 workers building 36 Emergency Quarantine Facilities (EQFs) across Luzon. Each EQF takes 5 days and 20 workers to complete. With 750.00 pesos amount of donation, we can feed 1 worker throughout the 5-day construction of each the 36 facilities.

“Team Respire PH is a coalition of student organizations, student councils and other groups from Metro Manila and beyond. It is formed primarily to raise funds for the necessities of our frontliners against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Kabalens in Motion is a youth-led movement which aims to address the inadequacy of PPEs for medical staff manning the front line in Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital (JBLMGH) and other public hospitals in Pampanga.

“Puhon, May’ng Lawas” is a recently launched fundraising campaign organized by the Xavier University High School – Ateneo de Cagayan Class of 2013. The group partnered with Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) to raise funds for their health workers’ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other needs in the fight against the COVID-19. This campaign let’s you help front liners based in northern Mindanao.

#BasuHero is a fundraising campaign that aims to aide the unsung front liners in the streets of Manila — our waste collectors. The group, led by Mikaela Alfonso and Samantha Eala, collaborated with the workers of Leonel Waste Management Corporation to provide PPEs and rice for waste collectors across Metro Manila. Click on this google document to learn more about what they do.

Initiatives for Communities

#KatutuboKontraCovid19 is a collaborative fundraiser led by NTFP-EP Philippines which aims to support the needs of indigenous families and local communities located in far flung upland regions in Rizal, Quezon Province, Palawan, Mindoro, Bukidnon Negros Occidental and Misamis Oriental.

Lingap Maralita is a “call for action and solidarity” focused on addressing the needs of farmers and urban poor families. This call, led by Good Food Community, is also mobilized by: The Vegan Neighbors; Me & My Veg Mouth; Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP, Peasant Workers of the Philippines); Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay); and CURE COVID: Citizens’ Urgent Response to End COVID-19.

“Lokal Lab is a Siargao-based NGO supporting the local community through impactful and sustainable projects that promote the local culture handled by Lokal Siargao.” The NGO is currently working on a call for donations to address the needs of farmers in the island whose local produce has also been affected by Covid-19.

Our Future Fund is an initiative for Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental, a  marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary under the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc.  Tourism operations are on halt and there are local families in the island who are dependent on the presence of visitors in island. This call for donations will support not only the needs of the locals but will also ensure the sustainability of the island n general.

Initiatives by Artists

“Tomorrow, again” is a collection of stories revolving around the theme of time under the initiative “The Artists Promise”, a collaborative work of local artists, writers, and photographers. The initiative aim at supporting those who are dedicating their lives in the frontlines and communities greatly affected by the pandemic. This is again curated by Fund The Forest and distributed by Where To Next. A PDF and EPub format of this is available at the WTNs site.

During these trying times, one of the unsung front liners are those who are bringing the information to the people. To support Filipino photographers whose industry has been greatly afflicted by the crisis, Shelter Fund was launched. Shelter Fund is an initiative by photographers. These photographers contribute to the initiative by making their original photographs up for print and purchase. Each of them commit a part of sales that will go to a communal fund. Supporting Shelter Fund is securing the life and the craft of our Filipino photographers. Thinking about purchasing their amazing works? Check out their Instagram account for more information.

This e-book is an amazing collaborative work of 23 Filipino artists, writers, and photographers curated by Fund The Forest team in partnership with Where To Next. “First there were rocks, then there was the world” is a visually-pleasing and a heartfelt ode dedicated to support our front liners – healthcare workers, our farmers, our fishermen, the food delivery people, the janitorial and security personnel. Like to read? Grab a copy at WTNs site!

Spective PH is a visual content group currently leading an initiative that commissions prints to support medical front liners. Starting from 500.00 pesos, prints are available in 10×15 inch formats with subjects ranging from scenic, street to Pope Francis. Visit this google document to know more about Spective PH’s initiative.

Artists are working and they are moving against Covid19. #ArtforMedPh, #TulongSining, & #PortraitsforPPEs are all in the same initiative and they aim at supporting medical front liners to urban communities. Explore these movements and see where you can support most.

More Helpful Sites

“The Help From Home COVID-19 Volunteer Group is a taskforce of concerned individuals looking for ways to help amidst the quarantine. The group makes sure to partner with all the organizations listed in order to ensure accurate and verified information.” (HFH, 2020)

“Labang Pangkalusugan is a group on social media platforms that aims to spread awareness on the crisis we are all currently facing. Along with this, they also has various initiatives that aim to help the frontliners, the less fortunate, and others affected by the pandemic.” (Labang Pangkalusugan, 2020)

— last updated 10/04/2020—

Want to include your initiative or one you know in this list? Let us know more about what you do by messaging our accounts!