While I lift both my hands like a Hawaiian woman, he closes his eyes like a child freshly scolded by his momma. The man, he hates it among all. He hates the deep green of the ocean. Fears it for being so vast, he said it feels like being eaten alive yet he agreed to go.

Bolinao, Pangasinan, a 4-hour or so drive away from home, is still a fresh place for wave-loving lads like us. Thing is, it’s a quite chaotic beach by the afternoon. Waves are larger than usual. It also possesses that cinematic feel with all the lighthouse and rock formations considered. Imagine huge waves coming in and off the shore, same huge waves crashing on to the rock formations,enchanted caves promoted by locals, a quiet lighthouse up a hill, and a waterfall which we didn’t caught chance to visit. During summers, Bolinao is just as usual as human infested so, plan on. Stayed on a place called Rock View Resort by the way. Lots of tropical huts and cradles to sleep on. They also let travelers rent tents too. It was a nice place that my thalassophobic man said,“We should go back here.”

Neverseen such joy in a while. Not until waves carried you on that crowded beach, Clarklouis. Don’t mind them scratches from rocks and corals or that fear you get when sea grasses touch you. Saw you so hype, it gave me joy. Here’s to more seas, man.

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